My name is Philip Eby, and I’m a Republican running for State Representative. I live in Clifton, Texas, with my wife, Rebecca, and co-own a small construction company. Like many of my fellow Texans, I am deeply concerned about the future of our great state.

I watch every day as more and more of our conservative values and heritage slip away. Politicians (from both political parties) repeat the same talking points as they vote to raise taxes, increase spending, and restrict business. At the same time, they ignore the federal government’s relentless attacks on our God-given freedoms.

Lies from our elected officials have become not only commonplace, but expected. Courage and honor are virtues seldom found in our capitol today.

There is a desperate shortage of principled and uncompromising men and women in Austin. But this is not from a lack of ability. It is due to a lack of courage. Being principled is not a matter of knowledge or skill, nor is it exceedingly difficult. It is simply a matter of doing what is right today, regardless of the consequences you may face tomorrow.

I am not an exceptionally wealthy person, and the office I seek will never make me so. I am not running for personal gain. My dream is for Texans to be able to live in peace, to have the opportunity to work hard, to reap the rewards for doing so, and to be able to go to sleep at night knowing that their children will wake up tomorrow in a better Texas than is ours today.